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Three Methods of Aging Test for Stepper Motor Driver

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All electronic components must undergo aging test before leaving the factory. Without aging test, many semiconductor products will have many problems in use due to the complexity of devices and manufacturing processes. The aging test is to overload the semiconductor to make the defects appear in a short time, so as to avoid failure in the early use. The aging test of the stepper motor driver of Handelberg Motor mainly includes the following methods:

1. Driver performance test: mainly focused on driver efficiency, harmonic analysis, three-phase imbalance analysis, interference analysis and other test items.

2. Driver response test: mainly through the motor test bench, apply different loads to the motor, observe whether the motor driver can quickly adjust the working state of the motor according to the algorithm when the load changes, and evaluate the response performance of the driver.

3. Driver aging test: mainly test the anti-aging capability of the driver.


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