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Advantages of reduction motor

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The reduction motor refers to the integration of the reducer and the motor (motor). This kind of integration can also be called gear motor or gear motor. It is usually supplied in complete sets after integrated assembly by professional reducer manufacturers. Reducer motors are widely used in steel enterprises, machinery industry, etc. The advantage of applying decelerating motor is to simplify the design and save space.

1. The reduction motor is manufactured according to international technical standards, with high technical content.

2. Space saving, reliable and durable, high load bearing capacity, power up to 95KW.

3. Low energy consumption, superior performance, reducer efficiency of more than 95%.

4. Low vibration, low noise, high energy saving, high quality section steel material, steel pig iron shell, gear surface through high-frequency heat treatment.

5. After precision machining, the precision grade is guaranteed. All these form the gear reducer motor of the total range of the transmission gear. It is equipped with various motors, forming the electromechanical integration, which fully guarantees the use quality characteristics of the goods.

6. The commodity uses a universal and modular design idea, which has a wide range of adaptability. This product series has a wide range of motor combinations, installation positions and structural schemes, and can choose any speed and various structural types according to actual conditions.


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