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Is the insulation structure of marine motors determined by current or voltage?

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Insulation material is the key material of marine motor products. The insulation structures of windings and key components of marine motors with different voltage levels are very different, such as the insulation structures of windings of high-voltage marine motors and low-voltage marine motors

Insulating materials, also known as dielectrics, are materials with high resistance and poor conductivity, and are also used as marine motor commodities; In marine motor products, insulating materials are used to separate conductors from other parts on the one hand, and separate different points of conductors on the other hand, such as turn to turn insulation and phase to phase insulation. Different insulating materials can also have a variety of properties such as support, fixation, arc extinguishing, mold removal, radiation protection, corrosion resistance, etc.

The winding burning of marine motor is the main manifestation of the deterioration or disappearance of insulation performance. So, is it the high winding resistance current or the high voltage that causes the insulation performance of marine motors to decline?

When the winding current of marine motor is too large, the higher current intensity will lead to the increase of winding resistance and serious scalding. The heat will be released through the insulation. When the heat reaches a certain level, the structure of insulating materials will change qualitatively. For example, the performance requirements of B, F, H and other different insulation levels involved in marine motors correspond to the operating temperature that the insulation materials can withstand.

For the winding of marine motor, it involves the insulation regulations between different phases of turn to turn, multi-phase marine motor and between the conductor and the ground. When the rated current of marine motor is high, the voltage borne by the winding insulation is also high. It can simply be called a different capacitor. If the interelectrode voltage of the capacitor is too high, it will cause the capacitor to penetrate, that is, the insulation of the marine motor winding to the ground, turn and phase is invalid.

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